Shrink Sleeves

shrink sleeves printing


Stand out with distinct shapes & designs. Reliable and Affordable Custom Shrink Sleeves Printing in Dubai.

A shrink sleeve label is a heat-sensitive material that shrinks and conforms to the shape of a bottle or container when exposed to heat.
Providing full-body or 360-degree print coverage, it is a convenient yet distinct format that is helping products to grab attention, even from a distance.

Shrink sleeves serve brands by transforming product packaging into creative billboards. Its operational efficiency and conformity to even difficult container shapes, have enabled impactful brand associations for a wide-range of applications, from juice packing or ice-tea packing to homecare and automobile products.

We use various type of materials like PET G , PVC in different microns for various abstract and unusual shapes of bottles. Yesslabels offers high-quality shrink sleeves printing.