Printed Labels

Printed Label Manufacturers Dubai


We make labels which are used for glass and PET bottles for pharma industries and could withstand the strict packaging norms of the pharma industry.


Custom labels for sauces , condiments, snacks , seasoning , vegetable oils and many more . Your high quality products deserve nothing less than high quality labels.


Juice , coffee, dates syrup etc – From single use bottles and cans to family size jugs we have got you covered.

Printed Label Manufacturers in Dubai
Printed Label Manufacturers


From lotions to showergels our labels can handle demand of daily use.
Moisture , friction and product contents will be no match for yours custom labels.


Labels which are required for deep freezing applications and plastic trays are all manufactured by us. We have all range of materials for the industry.

Printed Label Manufacturers Dubai UAE
Printed Label Manufacturers Dubai


Tyres, lube oil, Drums all require labels with special materials and glue. Yess labels has solutions for all kinds.


We have all kinds of materials which are required to make labels for outdoor applications, rough surfaces etc of chemicals industries. We also make labels for tin and plastic cans for the paint industry.

Printed Label Manufacturers in Dubai
Printed Label Manufacturers Dubai


Don’t let your customer down by using labels that don’t last as long as your products . Choose from our variety of materials that stand up to chemicals and solvents.


These special synthetic tags are used of steel, cut & rebar industries.

Printed Label Manufacturers Dubai
Printed Label Manufacturers UAE


1. Hologram Labels:Hologram labels give 3D effect, used for special effect.

2.Booklet Labels:Label construction that have multiple pages.They allow you to add a lot more text and graphics to you product labels.

3.Invisible ink: Invisible ink printing is a kind of security ink printing, which can later be visible with UV lamp.

4.Tyre labels: The adhesive used for tyre label is a high-tack-hot-melt adhesive which sticks firmly to the tyre.

5.Void Labels:Void labels form a part of security labels for prevention of product tampering. When the label is detached, the adhesive reveals text in which the word “void”appears, repeated times.